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TACTICAL AWARENESS GROUP (TAG) is a committed team of positive, motivated and successful individuals who are always striving for constant improvement, self-development and awareness. TAG will work in our chosen culture to ensure that everyone who experiences or comes into contact with TAG will benefit greatly from that experience and will have an understanding of our vision. We are in the business of developing new ideas, we will strive to educate ourselves and our customers and all those whom we work with in a learning environment.

All our programs and services will be of the highest standard and produced from the latest materials. TAG will strive to meet our customers needs with the most up-to-date and latest reality- based training methods from our law enforcement and martial arts and crowd control experiences.

Our customers will be from all market sectors of the law enforcement, private security, corporate and survival industry, and whether large or small they will have a forward thinking commitment from TAG. TAG will encourage and expect them to be committed to our goals of supplying them the best service and training in the industry. Our business knowledge will be made available to them and TAG will be recognized as a market leader for business resources and training, and raising the standards of our industry to new heights. We will give them the tools they need to build freedom and spirit through business development. TAG's JOB IS TO TEACH SURVIVAL AWARENESS TO THE CUSTOMER.

Gary N. Berry
President, TAG

Principal Protection; Lessons Learned
The Evolution of Protective Operations
by R.E. “Rick” Colliver
Principal Protection; Lessons Learned By R.E. “Rick” ColliverConsulting Contributor
Gary N. Berry
Tactical Awareness Group
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