Tactical Awareness Group (TAG) is comprised of current and retired federal, state and local law enforcement and private security personnel from across the United States. These dedicated TAG employees are experts in their respective subject matter topics, tactics, and techniques. TAG is now in your city to lend expertise and support to you and your client.

  • Protective Operations
  • Executive Protection Awareness for the Protectee
  • Executive Protection Operations Training for Protective Agents
  • Monadnock PR-24 Instructors and Basic Course
  • Monadnock DT Instructors Course
  • Monadnock Extendable Baton Course
  • Effective Non-Physical Intervention I & II
  • Survival Tactics and Techniques for Street
  • Confrontations for Females
  • Survival Awareness & Tactical Street Awareness
  • Simulations for Law Enforcement
  • Street Awareness for Civilians
  • Survival Awareness for Martial Arts Instructors
  • Undercover Investigation Training

TAG is available to assist you to be aware of surroundings, while going about routine business and day to day activities. THIS IS NOT A MARTIAL ARTS CLASS. “Street Awareness for Civilians” is a 2hr block of instruction that is designed for the busy lifestyle that has neither the time or the resources for weekly martial arts classes, and want right now, effective remedies to real life safety concerns. To be equipped with the knowledge and skill of protecting themselves in a society that has become more and more prone to violence and violent attacks. TAG is here to equip you with fundamental skills that will leave you with a heightened level of confidence and the know how, of protecting yourself in otherwise dangerous, even life threatening situations.

This basic street awareness course will enable residents to evaluate body language, surroundings, and approaches to people, places, and things. Each participant will be taught how to react to different street confrontations, and properly demonstrate safe and established techniques, tactics, and strategies to accomplish various scenarios safely and successfully.

Gary N. Berry
President, TAG